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Children’s Orthodontics

At Maple Orthodontics, we specialise in helping children on their journey towards a healthy smile. We understand that orthodontic treatment can be a significant milestone in your child’s life, which is why we aim to make it a pleasant and positive experience.

When should my child visit an orthodontist?

When should my child visit an orthodontist?

  • You may not think that orthodontic treatment is something you need to consider for your child until they become a teenager. However, early intervention can be crucial when it comes to successful orthodontics.
  • Specialist orthodontists which we have here at Maple Orthodontics, not only straighten teeth but are also trained to look at the developing jaw and denoting adult teeth in young children.
  • By addressing orthodontic issues at a young age, we can guide the growth and development of your child’s teeth and jaw, helping to prevent potential problems.
  • Starting the process early doesn’t mean your child will get braces immediately. It just means the orthodontist will be able to determine which problems may exist and assess the best time to start treatment.

Brace Types for Children

  • Look at our Treatment pages to find out about the modern braces now available, which will be different and more advanced than those you may remember from when you were a child.
  • There are low-visibility braces which your child or teenager may prefer, these brace types are available on a private basis.
  • Book a consultation for your child to learn about the different brace types that are available and what may suit their needs.
  • Either your general dentist can refer your child or you are very welcome to book an appointment independently.

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