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  • Your Smile is our Passion

    Your Smile is our Passion

    Straightening teeth in Berkshire

Welcome to Maple Orthodontics

Maple Orthodontics specialises in straightening teeth for children and adults in and around the Slough and Berkshire area, providing Private, Independent and NHS treatment. Our Principal Michael Cheung is a registered Specialist Orthodontist who offers patients a variety of state-of-the-art orthodontic technology, including Invisalign aligners and other ‘invisible’ braces.

We are proud that our expertise in fitting and maintaining your braces is second to none and that we have a truly welcoming and exceptionally friendly environment. We gently align your teeth into a beautiful smile you’ll be happy with for the rest of your life, what ever your age!

invisible aligners

Invisible Aligners

You can have the beautiful straight teeth you always wanted with Invisalign clear aligners which invisibly straighten your teeth with a series of custom-moulded, clear aligners.

Now there’s breakthrough technology that lets you gets the smile you always wanted without bands, brackets or wires.

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Hidden Braces

Lingual or Hidden braces are placed behind your teeth, and are therefore virtually invisible to other people. They are made from state-of-the-art technology and fit the individual shape of your teeth.

These braces provide extremely effective results without being detectable, making it a great alternative to other orthodontic treatments.

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Hidden Braces
Ceramic Braces

Ceramic Braces

Ceramic or clear fixed braces have become a popular in recent years, particularly with adult patients who want to improve their smile without having highly visible metal braces.

We use a clear bracket brace to straighten teeth with less visibility and all the benefits of a traditional fixed brace.

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Metal Braces

Metal braces are one of the most common types of orthodontic treatments which offer predictable and precise results in even the most difficult orthodontic cases.

They are extremely effective and producing functional, aesthetically-pleasing smiles.

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Metal Braces

Why Choose Maple Orthodontics

  • Specialist Orthodontics

    Specialist Orthodontics

    Specialist experience and experience

  • No Hidden Costs

    No Hidden Costs

    Our treatment fees are reasonable and tailored to the individual with no suprises.

  • 100% patient success

    100% patient success

    We strive to give you a smile for life and one you will always be proud of.

  • Aftercare for 1 year

    Aftercare for 1 year

    We will continue to look after you for at least one year after your brace has been removed!

  • Invisible Braces

    Invisible Braces

    No one need know you are having orthodontic treatment.

  • NHS Treatment

    NHS Treatment

    We provide NHS orthodontics to eligible children under 18 years.

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