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The Patient Journey

The Maple Team ensures that everyone is made to feel special and receives individual attention from the very first time they make contact with the practice. We have highlighted the patients journey from start to finish – we hope you find it an unforgettable one!

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    Initial Enquiry/referral

    Our patients at Maple orthodontics are sometimes referred to us from their general dentist, who feel that braces might be suitable for them. But we also see lots of people who contact us directly via our website, social media or ‘word of mouth’.

    Our team of fully qualified and experienced staff will make an initial consultation appointment at a time that is convenient for you. Appointments are confirmed 24 hours before via text message or telephone call.

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    Your First Orthodontic Visit

    We endeavour to ensure that your first visit is as relaxing and informative as possible. You will be greeted by one of our friendly staff who will always have the time to reassure and explain the initial brace fitting process and on-going care.

    We will gather clinical records, take digital photographs and x-rays which will be used to demonstrate the brace treatments available and best suited to you. We will establish your concerns and what expectations you have from your treatment.

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    Your Personalised Treatment Plan

    Our specialist orthodontists often prefer the adult patients to make a second appointment which will allow them to gather additional information and ensure they give a clear and concise treatment plan to suit your individual needs.

    Our team prepare a full report with costs and options so you are able to take the information away and make an informed decision at home. We always send a full report of your visit to your general dentist so they are also kept informed.

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    Choosing Your Appliance

    There are various types of braces available. For adult patients, the choice of appliance is decided between the orthodontist and patient with their individual requirements and needs taken fully into consideration. For example:

    • Braces which are fixed to the outside of the teeth, these can be stainless steel or tooth-coloured.
    • Lingual braces, which are fixed to the inside of the teeth and cannot be seen.
    • ‘Invisible’ removable braces such as Invisalign clear aligners.

    We’ll discuss if invisible or hidden braces are suitable for you. Please visit the treatments section of our website to learn about the brace types.

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    Oral Hygiene

    A good standard of oral health is crucial even before we begin a course of orthodontic treatment. We pride ourselves in giving every patient full oral hygiene instructions once the brace has been fitted and we expect everyone to maintain excellent levels of cleanliness throughout. Visit our Looking after your brace page for more information.

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    Treatment Process

    Once you have made the decision to start a course of treatment at Maple Orthodontics the process begins. A contract between yourself and your orthodontist is drawn up and signed once the treatment plan is decided.

    Your first appointment will give us the opportunity to answer any further questions and take records of the position of your teeth before treatment starts. This will help us to check your progress during treatment.

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    Removing Braces and Fitting Retainers

    When your orthodontist feels that your treatment is complete they will take clinical photographs to ensure you are happy with the result. The braces are removed when both orthodontist and patient are satisfied. This is the anticipated moment when your wonderful new smile is revealed!

    To keep your new smile in place, our independent and private patients are fitted with upper and lower bonded retainers, if requested or where necessary, as well as acrylic removable retainers to be worn at night. Retention is an extremely important part of your orthodontic treatment. Without wearing your retainers, you risk relapse and your teeth going back to their pre-treatment position.

    Visit our Retainers page for more information.

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    After Care and Treatment

    We review patients for a year after brace removal but are happy for you to contact us if you have any concerns or queries after this period. We provide exceptional patient care at all times and pride ourselves with our vast years of knowledge and experience. We feel we are all responsible for the welfare of our patients and always have their best interests at heart. We are readily available to help and advise when needed.

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