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Independent Fees

For children and young people under the age of 21 years, that do not qualify for NHS treatment, we are pleased to offer an Independent / Self-Funded option that closely resembles the NHS fee structure.

What is Independent Orthodontic Treatment?

  • Independent orthodontic treatment is an alternative for all patients under 21 years who are NOT ELIGIBLE for NHS treatment following their initial consultation.
  • It is also an option for those who do not wish to wait on a waiting list and would like to start treatment immediately.
  • We also offer greater flexibility with regard to appointment times allowing you to bring your child before or after school.
  • We will not compromise on treatment outcome and you can expect the same great results. Your child will have the lifelong benefit of straight teeth and a confident smile.

How much does Independent Treatment cost?

  • Maple orthodontics independent fees are similar to the NHS fees determined by the government and have been designed to be simple and affordable.
  • Our current Independent treatment fee is £3,750 and covers a full course of orthodontic treatment including fixed and removable upper and lower retainers.
  • We offer a flexible free payment plan which spreads the cost over 18 months.

Please contact us for more information about this option.

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