Oral hygiene is extremely important for everyone but when your are about to have a course of orthodontic treatment it becomes crucial that you are extra vigilant with the techniques you use. At maple orthodontics we feel it is crucial to your well-being and oral health. We pride ourselves in giving every patient full instructions and demonstrations once the brace has been fitted and we expect everyone to maintain excellent levels of oral hygiene throughout.

It is also important to continue this once your treatment is complete and the brace removed.

It is very important to visit your own dentist and hygienist regularly throughout treatment as they still need to monitor the health of your teeth and gums.

Your diet will need be altered to avoid damaging your brace. If your brace breaks your treatment time will be increase. You will need to avoid all hard or chewy foods for the duration of your treatment. You should also avoid sugary foods, fizzy drinks and snacking between meals.